Copper Work in both utility and art has been around for thousands of years. Evidence has been found of copper utensils and tools as far back as 5000 BC. Being a natural metal it is mined in many countries. Its natural color is the pink orange that you see most often when it is new. All my copper work starts off with a bright shinny finish and most of my artwork has not been lacquered, being “raw copper” the finish will change with age. Raw copper first will change to a red brown and then a chocolate patina before reaching the green finish that most people recognize as aged copper. It is a matter of personal taste if you want to lacquer something. A person needs to remember that the UV rays still get though the lacquer and will cause spotting that can’t be buffed off. Both finishes can be placed outside in the weather or inside.

    Years ago there were many different metal smiths and I would have been know as a Coppersmith; the craft would have been handed down from father to son or a close male family member. In the past a man would have served his apprentice time, lived and worked with the Coppersmith and his family. Today we are called Sheet Metal Workers with the bulk our work being done in metals other than copper. Both men and women serve a four-year apprenticeship with a combination of schooling and on the job training before graduating and becoming Union Journeyman Sheet Metal Workers.

    I’m a native of Jacksonville, Florida and a Journeyman Metal Worker with 30 years experience in my craft. About 17 years ago I started making the eight-pointed copper star that has become my signature. From that the artwork has expanded to the many things that you see displayed here on my web site, CopperHeadMetaArts.com, and many more things that I have given to family and friends. I have enjoyed the challenge of making the many different pieces of art that people have requested of me, and it is very rewarding to see them light up when they see the final piece. Children who come in to the booth are sometimes treated to an opportunity to grab a mallet and form some metal to delight of themselves and their parents. Some of my most notable pieces are the award winning birdhouses and the game fish. Recently I was challenged with the request of a helicopter and have found it one of the most exciting pieces to date along with a fresh water stump with fish and a crab. There is no limit to what can be made with copper and I’m always open to suggestions. I hope that everyone continues to enjoy my artwork as much as I enjoy making it.


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